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Why Siberia with us?

In the year 2001 my Russian friends, famous Siberian climbers who were on Everest expedition in Nepal, invited me to visit Russia. My destination in Russia was Siberia. Once I came I fall in love with people, culture and nature there! It’s fantastic land! The landscape is so diverse and astonishly amazing, air is unbelievably pure, territory is so huge. All is so natural and real over there! I spent 3 fantastic months exploring Siberia, I was back there three times more and I’ll keep going. My friends were almost shocked when they first time came to know about my trip to Siberia. They kept asking me: Siberia??????!!!! This must be unbelievably cold over there? !!! I laughed when I heard that as the weather was so pleasant, atmosphere was so fantastic. Siberia is associated for many people with terrible cold, complete wildness and danger. But it is not so on reality! Summer is a great time there as it’s so warm. About wildness…sure you can experience wildness there, but this is wildness which I love - wildness of nature where you get rid of your daily problems, feel freedom and unity with nature! One part of Siberia impressed me most of all, this land is Altai. Altai is often called the pearl of Siberia due to it’s amazing beauty. For me Altai is Siberian heart.

Altai is the best place for me to escape monsoon season of Nepal. I love outdoor activities and this is the destination where all sort of outdoor adventure is possible. Opportunities are as diverse as land itself. Whatever your desire – you will have opportunity to make it come true there. Words are not enough to describe this fantastic land. “Better one time to see than million times to hear” – this saying is very true when you tell about Altai - Siberian Heart!

I like this land so much and I want you to experience it as well. That is why on the time of monsoon season in Nepal our company “Nepal Mountain Trekking” together with our great friends, famous Russian travelers and well-known travel agency of Barnaul, the capital of Altai region, start to organize tours to Altai where summer is the best season. We believe that our years of experience in organizing tours for European people in combination with our friends’ deep knowledge of the region will make your trip to Altai memorable, fun and safe!

Mr. Bidur Thapaliya
Nepal Mountain Trekking
WhiteWater Nepal Pvt. Ltd
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

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