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Festivals and public holidays of Nepal

Nepal is the ‘Land of Festivals’ with at least one part of the kingdom celebrating a festival every day of the year. Festivals may be linked with the remembrance of the departed soul, to herald a different season, to mark the beginning or end of the agricultural cycle, to mark national events, or for family celebrations. On a festival day the Nepalese take their ritual bath, worship different gods and goddesses, visit the temple, observe fasting and undertake feasting. The most important aspect of Nepalese culture is the religious harmony and understanding prevailing among the Hindus and Buddhists.

Nepal's major Festivals and public Holidays - 2022

Day Festivals / Public Holidays
January 1 New Year
January 15 Maghee Parba
January 30 Martyr’s Memorial Day
February 05 Sonam Lhoshar
February 19 Democracy Day
March 04 Maha Shivaratri
March 07 Gyalpo Lhoshar
March 08 Woman’s Day
March 20 Fagu Purnima (Happy Holi or Festval of colors)
March 21 Terai Holi
March 25 Ram Nawmia
April :
April 05 Ghode Jatra
April 14 Nepali New Year
April 24 Loktantra Diwas
May 01 Labour Day
May 18 Buddha Jayanti
May 29 Ganatantra Diwas
June: 30 Curd bitten rice day
August 15 Janai Purnema/Rakshya Bandan
August 16 Gai Jatra
August 24 Shree Krishna janmaastami
September 01 HariTalika (Teej)
September 12 Indra Jatra
September 20 Constitution Diwas ( Day)
September 29 Ghatasthapana
October 05 Phulpati
October 06 Maha Aastami
October 07 Maha Nawami
October 08 Vijaya Dashami
October 08-09 Dashain - Dashami Tika
October 13 Kojagrat purnima
October 27 Laxmi Puja
October 28 Gobardhan Puja
October 29 Bhai Tika
November :
November 02 Chhat Puja
December 12 Urdhyauli Parwa
December 25 Christmas Day