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Our New Destination: Russia, Siberia: Altai Mountains

Altai Tour: Altai Mountains of Russia Siberia tour package
Nomad Tribes
Tour: “Following the paths of nomad tribes”

This route acquaints you with Kosh-Agach region - the most southern part of the Altai republic. It borders Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan and Tuva republic.

You'll pass through the Chuysky road, enjoying the changing nature scenery from mountain passes to boundless steppes, you’ll learn many interesting and exciting things about traditions and customs of people inhabiting southern parts of Altai, you’ll see Shavlinskie lakes which open their unbelievable beauty for you and also you’ll run the fast- moving Katun river.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival to Barnaul city.
We’ll meet you in the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Time for rest. Walking in the city, discussion of the trip.

Day 02: Drive to the Altai Republic. We will have a stop in a famous village Srostki on the way where you can have a look at local village life-style and try local cuisine as well as berries and Altai honey.
Stay at the camp by Katun river surrounded by nature.

Day 03: Camp to village Kuray (380 km. by private bus).
You’ll pass through the famous Chuysky, first references to which date from 18 century. In those distant days it was a hardly passable bridle path, one of the branches of the famous ancient trade route. During just a day you’ll see changing sceneries of the cedar taiga which alternates with alpine meadows of Seminsky Pass, you’ll ascend the winding road of Chike-Taman Pass and in the end of the day you’ll find yourself in the high-altitude Kuray steppe. On the way you’ll have an excursion to the place Kalbak-Tash. You’ll see ancient rock carvings and will learn interesting legends and stories about.

Day 04: village Kuray to village Kosh-Agach (80 km. by bus).
Drive to Kosh-Agach village, which was founded in 1801. Just 50 km. separate this village from the Mongolian border. The desert steppe together with every second changing colors of surrounding mountains creates an impression of unreality, resembling “moon scenery”. The road passes through the Chuyskaya steppe - the highest–altitude steppe of Russia. In winter temperature here can drop to negative 60 degrees centigrade, this fact gives reasons to call this region- the pole of cold. This land is rich in archaeological monuments such as burial-mounds, stone statues, and rock carvings.
Visit to a koumiss farm, where the favorite drink of nomads is produced, and introduction into Altai cuisine.

Day 05: Kosh-Agach to Maashey River (170 km. by private bus).
Thanks to great migrations of Kazakh nomads to the Altai territory in the beginning of 20 century the Chuyskaya steppe can be called a symbolic border between Altai and Kazakh settlements. On your way you will visit a small village Zhana-Aul, this village is an example of peaceful coexistence of two cultures. You’ll know some stories about Kazakh inhabitants and will see some evidence of their culture and history in the local museum and what’s more, you’ll acquaint yourself with Kazakh cuisine. Drive to the point where the Maashey joins Chuya river. On the way there are wonderful views of the Majoy cascade - place where the Chuya, squeezed between rocks, is flowing rapidly through the deep canyon. Preparation for the trekking part of the trip.

Day 06: River Maashey to Eshtikol Pass (2500m. above sea level), (12 km. by private transport, 10 km trekking).
After short drive you’ll get on the Oroj Pass - high-mountain plateau with pleasant panoramic views of the Chuya valley. Trekking to the point where the Shabaga joins Shavla river. The landscape of the deserted steppe is gradually changing into the real Siberian taiga.

Day 07: Trekking to Low Shavlinskoe lake(12 km.).
Trekking to Low Shavlinskoe lake, which is considered the pearl of Altai. From here you’ll enjoy a magnificent view of three peaks of the North Chujskij mountain range. These peaks are Fairy-tale, Dream, Beauty. In fair and calm weather the reflection of these peaks in the mirror of the lake is unbelievably beautiful. On the shore of this high-mountain lake travelers keep leaving different wooden hand-made articles and with time a natural museum has come into being under the blue sky here.

Day 08: Trekking to Oroj Pass (22 km.)

Day 09: Drive from the Maashey to the river Bolshoj Jaloman (122 km. by private bus).

Day 10 - Day 12: Rafting on Katun River (“Katun” means princess in Altai language).Village Bolshoj Jaloman to Idigan village (90 km. rafting). Overnight staying in the tents on the banks of Katun river.
River journey gives you a good opportunity to enjoy the wonderful nature sites which hard to see from the road.

Day 13: Drive to the camp next to Katun river and resting. A farewell party round a camp - fire in the evening around (150 km. by private bus).

Day 14: Drive to Barnaul city and transfer to the hotel.

Day 15: Fly back to home.

Note: We do our best to organize a trip the way for you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest and if you want to see some more interesting places of the region not included in the package - you’ always welcome. Let us know in advance as we are open for discussion and consider all you interests as much as possible.
Welcome to Altai!

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