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Our New Destination: Russia, Siberia: Altai Mountains

Altai Tour: Altai Mountains
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Tour: “Maashey - Shavlinskie lakes”

Siberia TrekThe tour takes part in one of the most beautiful places of Altai. The Chuya Alps - is a mighty chine with pointed, snow covered mountain peaks, picturesque glaciers and crystal-clear lakes, which start rough rivers with cascades of rapids. The itineraries that lie in the region are exotic because of number of reasons. The region of Southern Altai has characteristic features of neighboring Mongolia and is poorly studied, the region, which underwent minimum of intrusion. That is why even the automobile part of the tour - as well as trekking in the mountains, of course - is a wonderful opportunity to observe practically all climatic zones of Altai. This includes pine forests form a narrow line along the Katun river valley, Mongolian-type dead-wood forests of the Kuray hollow, alpine taiga forest and snow and ice covered deserts of really high mountains.

FlowersAs most of our tours, this one also starts in Barnaul city. Then we take a trip southward in a comfortable minibus, in the direction of Mongolia along ancient trade way - the Chuya road. The Chuya road is a silent witness of many historical events of different epochs. One can see burial mounds there, stone images, petroglyphs, as well as historical and archaeological monuments of less distant times. There is a short automobile part of the tour that lies along the rocks of the picturesque the Chuya river valley. From the bird’s eye view you will see famous part of the river, which is called "the Breakthrough". It is a cascade of several small waterfalls. Then you will have a minibus ride to a camp-site, which is located near the junction of the Maashey and Chuya rivers. The following days will be rich with treks and excursions to glaciers and crystal- clear alpine lakes. The region of Shavlinskie lakes is one of the most beautiful places in the Altai Mountains. Bright carpet of alpine meadows, majestic cedars, blue lakes in a frame of mountain peaks covered with sparkling snow make a unique picture. The dream of many travellers who did not visit this place is to see three peaks - Dream, Beauty and Fairy Tale, reflected in the lake.

During the trip you will be accompanied by the licensed tour guides who are glad to do their best for you to have safe, fun and memorable trip.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival to Barnaul city, We’ll meet you in the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Rest. Walking in the city, discussion of the trip.

Day 02: Beginning of the trip. We will have a stop in a famous village Srostki on the way where you can have a look at local village life-style and try local cuisine as well as berries and Altai honey. Accommodation at the camp on the bank of Katun river in the Mountain Altai.

Day 03: About 7 hours drive trip to Chibit village - it is about 120 km. away from the border with Mongolia. Our way goes through the Chuysky road (an ancient trade rout). You will enjoy views of the passes: Seminsky and broken through the rock Chiket-Aman. Unforgettable impression you will have from 20-km. part of the road along the Chuya river where you will see the deep river canyon surrounded by picturesque rocks. Accommodation in tents. Dinner by the camp-fire. From this point all the food will be cooked on fire by the guides.

Day 04: The first trekking day. We go to the Maashey river valley and we stop in the Kara-Kabak river valley.

Day 05: Day trekking to Maashey Lake, where we set up the camp.

Day 06: After the day that we spend by the lake, we trek to the Maashey glacier. The path goes along Maashey lake, then bends around a moraine and leads directly to the Maashey glacier, which is one of the biggest glaciers of Altai.

Day 07: We go up the Maashey river valley to the stop by the cedar forest in the Kara-Kabak river valley. Now we will have to climb up a pretty steep path, but after this ascent we will be rewarded by the beautiful view on the adjacent ridges. Exciting excursion to the upper course of the Kara-Kabak river, where you will enjoy picturesque view of several lakes and a glacier. Then we come back to our camp by the forest.

Day 08: Trek over the Eshtikol Pass (16 km). Staying overnight on the left bank of the Shabaga river.

Day 09: Trek to Lake Shavlo (15 km).

Day 10: Day staying (if you do not wish to make tour you can stay by the camp site). Tour to Shavlo lake and the glacier (13 km). Day 11: Trek to the mouth of the Shabaga river (12 km)

Day 12: Trek over the Yeshtyk-Kel platoe (15 km).

Day 13: Trek over the Oroi Pass (10 km)
Oroj Pass - high-mountain plateau with pleasant panoramic views of the Chuya valley.

Day 14: Trek to the bridge over the Chuya river (8-9 km). Drive to the camp on the bank of the Katun river.

Day 15: Arrival to Barnaul. Transfer to the hotel.

Day 16: Fly back to home

Note: We do our best to organize a trip the way for you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest and if you want to see some more interesting places of the region not included in the package - you’ always welcome. Let us know in advance as we are open for discussion and consider all you interests as much as possible.

Welcome to Altai!!!

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